Why We Set Up

Whilst managing an increasingly successful specialist adventure travel company, it became clear as the company grew that it could have benefited from having a bank of people it could rely on to fill the short-term gaps that arose. These ranged from someone able to develop a business idea which could have made a quick and easy difference to the bottom line but which wasn’t critical to the running of the core business, to someone with negotiating experience able to assist a team member organising the contracts admin at a critical time of year, to someone with operations experience able to get stuck in and help with logistics during a team member’s absence, to product and planning staffing gaps. The company experienced all of the above and more as different requirements needed to be met at each stage of growth. It didn’t really need new permanent members of staff and there wasn’t enough work to warrant new full-time roles.

What the company needed were knowledgeable experienced people to call on who were trusted to get a job done and a job done well. People with some understanding and experience of the tour operating industry. Being able to benefit from extra travel industry experience for a smaller financial outlay would have resulted in the company being in a position to speed up growth.

After experiencing this situation directly many times, it is clear that there is a need in the specialist tour operating industry, particularly for those not based in big cities. Hence why we are here.